Quality & Experience passed down 3 Generations!!!

Quality and Experience Passed Down 3 Generation.
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With 3 generations of experience, we have the knowledge and skill it takes to turn your ideas into works of art.

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                                       Ace Bookbinding Co.
                                       825 N. Classen Blvd.
                                      Oklahoma City, OK 73106
      (Click here for printable Bible Rebinding Form)

***All of our binding and rebinding work is done in shop. This is the reason that we are able to offer such low prices for exceptional quality Genuine Leathers.

Study Bible Rebinding: = $120.00 & up in our finest Genuine Cowhide Leather  (over 20 colors available)...Black, Burgundy, Navy Blue, Tan, Forest Green, Gray, Orange, Coffee Brown, Cinnamon Spice, Chocolate Brown, Rose, Aqua, Cream, Sky Blue, Magma,  Marbled Brown, True Red, White, Green, Purple, Lavender, Royal Blue,  2-Tone Rust, Pink, Khaki, or match the color of your original cover. (Click here for printable Bible Rebinding Form).

Study Bible Rebinding: = $110.00 & up in our Genuine Pighide Leather.  (5 colors available)...Black, Brown, Lavender,
Pink, & Green.
 (Click here for printable Bible Rebinding Form).

*All of our leathers are Genuine Animal Hide Skin Leathers, we do not use particle leathers such as Bonded Leather.
*Both of the above prices include all the extras (Stitching the pages together, adding additional blank note pages to front and/or back of Bible, new Bible liners, up to 5 new ribbons, all of the title information -- according to the original cover and title page -- stamped onto the spine of the new cover, & your name stamped in lower right-hand corner of the front cover ).
*Prices are based on a standard size study Bible. Oversize study Bibles will cost no more than $6 extra.

Hard Back binding = (also known as library binding):   Cloth Cover $18.00 & up  (over 35 colors in stock)
                                                                                         Imitation Leather $33.00 & up     (over 15 colors in stock)
*The above price includes stitched pages (rather than just glued).
**Above pricing based on quantity.

Tape Binding = $4.00 & up (spine material available in black, navy blue, red, & maroon)
The above price is based on (1 to 5) 8.5"x11"x1"(thick) books. The price is per book. Prices are reduced considerably for higher quantity orders. Please contact us for exact pricing on high quantity orders.  

Gold Stamping = $9.00 & up per line (over 25 fonts to choose from)
*Colors that we stock = Gold, Silver, Black, White, Green, Blue, Red, Pink, Orange, Dark Brown, Purple, Lavender, & Copper. Other colors available by special order. The price is per line. Prices reduced considerably for multiple lines of stamping or for multiple books. Please contact us for exact pricing of large orders.

Old Book Rebinding & Restoration: =  $30.00 & up
Old Family Bible Restoration: =  $150.00 & up
*Prices are determined by size, condition, and method of restoration (ex. spine replacement & resew, complete restoration...). Please feel free to come by our shop or contact us for more accurate pricing.

Return shipping and handling charges are determined by size, weight, destination of package, carrier, and method. 

                                                            Ace Bookbinding Co.